04 July 2011

A long way from Mr. Roger's 'hood

 It was comforting to see red, white and blue paint the sky while riding home on the train. I spent my July 3rd working while some celebrated the holiday coming, so it felt good to be somewhat  part of the festivities. Home now and firecrackers are still shooting. And so are they. Somebody's life possibly just ended. Down the street from me so nine times out of ten they are black. It was a good 7-8 shots back to back. Can't just sit back and make good memories. That's somebody's son, brother, friend...nobody thinks about that. Then they gotta go get the tat. When this could be prevented. Why are we not hearin'...or do we just not care? Who really wants to greet the holiday next year, with tears, and spears to the heart--- broken, gone is another one of life's tokens. Guess God has spoken. #Shaking my head...when will we learn? Can we not discern? We should be tearing up the street for the birth of a nation, which is so fitting for the occasion. And stop blaming others for our own segregation. Instead of we all we got, its more like we hold we back. Because of what we lack. Up to them some try to stack. But this ain't that. Can't worry bout what all them do. At the end of the day the finger points at you.  The hardest is the first one so take the first step in faith... dream, inspire, whatever. Life is abbreviated pause so it is really your loss, if you don't keep on riding until the wheels fall off

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