05 June 2011

Who is knocking at the door!?

In the basement throwing the last load of laundry in the dryer, my Grandmother, standing beside me says "I hear somebody knocking...somebody's at the door." Now my grandmother is 87 and will tell you quick "now I know I ain't sa-nale (senile). After starting the dryer, I listen, smile and shake my head, as if to say nobody's at the door. To calm her worry, I run upstairs, walk through the kitchen, dining and past 2 front rooms to the front door where I found two things. (1) nobody at the door and (2) what was making the knocking sound. Across the street was a guy talking on the phone, sitting in a 1984 silver Chevy Cutlass. Now how he was managing a conversation was beyond me because the knocking sound my Gram heard, was the bass coming out of the speakers. 

When I told my Gram what the "knocking" was she said "see...I know I ain't crazy." 

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