26 July 2011

Note to self

Not sure what part caught my eye. A status update from a past classmate, Junior High. Part of me was He, and I felt where He was coming from. Part of me felt like shit. Part of me didn't feel good enough. I knew I wasn't doing enough. Enough. Worth it it's gotta be. Even if you don't see the whole staircase, take the first step in faith. It can be intimidating to take, but how you learn if at first you don't make mistakes? The best start to a day is with a renewed spirit and heart. Do your best to awake that way. Please and thanks that it started, could've easily been one of the departed. If its skills you lookin' for, enroll in a class. If you dont' know where to begin, ask. You made it thus far, you veered but now en route, remember to breath, in...out. A toast to the footprints left in the sand. Life is the greatest opportunity, a canvas with no room for bland.