11 April 2011

Constructive comes before criticism

Wonderful days equate to beautiful nights...feeling inspired I'm sitting down to write. The wardrobe-nista in me landed on Necolebitchie.com and then pain landed in my stomach. The heading, "Donald Trump blasts Bill Cosby." The gist or the story? Donald Trump is allegedly running for president and Bill Cosby replied "the only thing he's running now is his mouth." Donald Trump replied  in so many words that "he (Bill Cosby) got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance-maybe he is not as dumb as I thought."

What a wonderful place the world would be if we were more mindful of the things we say.. If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't bother.

Scrolled down a lil' further in search of fashion...

Amber Roses swimsuit, Rihanna's hot hair cut and coat. Killed it with Christian Louboutin's. Singer Ciara named one of People's 25 most beautiful people :) Model/actress Eva Marcille rocking one-of-THE-hottest pair of over the knee lace up boots I EVER seen with an even smokier price tag...$5,200. Not mad at you ma...

Rihanna teamed up with Britney Spears for the remix of her S&M single. Girl power!! 

Nicki Minaj continues to excite her female fans by offering them lap dances

Gentleman's Quarterly could be making a business mistake by not putting Chris Brown on the cover

Never knew much about the rapper Jim Jones or the cult leader Jim Jones for that matter but the rapper is growing on me. He's evolving in the rap game...jumping out trying something new. A breath of fresh air. He also nicely got back on topic during the interview with Gina Torres, All Hip Hop. Go Jim Jones :)

Do we really have to compare Kanye West's new girlfriend to Amber Rose? Give the girl a chance :/

Page number 2...

More about Kanye replacing Amber Rose...on to the next one

Beyonce has teamed up with first lady Michelle Obama to help fight obesity. If I hadn't realized the time (7:24 pm) and realizing I had a date with my rollerblades along Lakeshore Dr., I would've kept scrolling. I did watch the Beyonce video and I am so proud of the initiative. Choreographed to a remake of Beyonce's #1 hit Get me bodied, the routines embodies easy to follow dance moves laced with the newest dance steps. It'll get anybody moving. 

Hope we can get it together. 

Its not what you say but how to say it.
Constructive comes before criticism.   
That is all.