09 October 2010

Black people love their white friends...

Came across a website today, blackpeopleloveus.com, which totally threw me for a loop. At first. I got that it was a joke...I guess I just don't understand the joke. It's supposedly narrated by two white people, Sally and Johnny who go on about how much their black friends love them. I got that they were trying to be funny by making fun of stereotypes deemed by both black and white people...I think I'm trying to hard to find the humor in this. For example, on their About Us page, they talk about how they are just average people who grew up doing average things like horseback riding, golf and gardening, things that don't really exist in your average black neighborhood. Having a hard time understanding the humor; it totally went over my head. Reading other people's comments on their Your Testimonial page (comments others have left) has only left me confused further...did you get it? :/

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