11 October 2010

10 reasons I hate Black people

Came across another website today titled www.gutrumbles.com. The last post was wrote on July, 12, 2004 entitled "10 reasons why I hate black people." The author Rob, who goes by Gut Rumbles, wrote the blog. He's white. And he really doesn't hate black people. Just some of the things they do. Sadly there is a lot of truth in these statements. As a black women, I'm faced with them on a daily, lowering my head in embarrassment at some of them. However, its not just black people these pertain to. He made some really valid claims...just wished he would've done so in a more people friendly manner. Here's just a few...

3) Being black is no excuse for failure. You may have a steeper climb, but you can make it. Look around. A lot of black people have. You can do it, too.
...Society paints such a bleak picture of Black America. That our communities are fill with violence, gangs, killings, high teen pregnancy rates and high school drop outs. And thus far Society has been right. Black people we gotta Wake up! Really look around. WE have to take our communities in our own hands. Law enforcement is not going to/can't do it. Who really wants to serve and protect the 'hood?

5) Learn to read and write. That's not "acting white." That's the key to success anywhere you want to go. And ANYBODY can master those tools.
...I have never heard anybody say they did not benefit from some form of education. How embarrassing is it to sit in public and hear young black kids that don't know how to talk. Reading and writing are fundamental skills of everyday life. It breaks my heart to hear young people say they don't like to read. Too often young, black America associate ignorance with being cool. There is nothing cool about not being able to use basic knowledge to get ahead.
8) Black men: raise your goddamn children. I've heard this shit too often to recall--- some 20-something black guy bragging to his buddies at work that he KNOWS he's a man because he's sired three children by different wimmen. He doesn't know his kid's names, but that doesn't matter to him. He thinks he's a man. Dogs do what he did. Fathers don't.
...Wow! Black men...I am begging you...if you don't plan on buttering the biscuits when they pop out the oven...don't knead the batter lol. In all seriousness, ladies as well as men, the only people who ends up truly hurt and disappointed when you decide to walk away are the kids. The exact same ones that did not ask to be here in the first place. I can attest to that. Single mothers are struggling to hold the household down, the same household that you help create.

10) Blame all of your problems on ME. That's right. If you are unemployed, living on a welfare check, semi-raising illegitimate children and unable to read the want ads in the newspaper, I DID THAT TO YOU. Me. Whitey. It ain't YOUR fault. Racist bastards such as myself took away every opportunity in your life, made you drop out of school and become pregnant or a jailbird and bitter because manna from heaven didn't fall right into your lap. Just do me one simple favor. Take a good, long look in the mirror before you point a finger at me.
...I understand slavery. But it was 400+ years ago. We have to start taking responsibility for our own actions. Nobody said that life would be easy, but it is worth it. If you are not happy with your situation change it or stop complaining because complaining is not going to get you anywhere but wallowing in misery. White people are not holding us back. We are. There is nothing wrong with receiving welfare or government assistance. There is a problem with it when people abuse it, refusing to get out and work to get theirs own. That is a selfish mentality to have and it leaves the people who really need it, paralyzed and without help.
Although there are lots of truth in these statements, these are touchy subjects. The only way to combat them are to have open and honest discussions about it.  The floor is all yours...

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