23 March 2011

Leave the man alone already...

Heard through a friend today they got Chris Brown again. " Girl all on 107.5 WGCI...He was on Goodmorning America today. Asked about Rihanna again," she said.  "He shattered a window." All this, hearsay at this point. "But you all are going to drive the man crazy is what I say. You don't want the man to move on? How can he grow, learn, give, forgive, if we constantly point out his faults.

I commend Chris Brown for being the bigger person. He did what he came for, to promote his new album F.A.M.E. released today. I think there was a better way to handle it on the other end. You know you shouldn't be asking if its that uncomfortable getting the words out. You're our hero because your hair grew back, re-iterating your joke from earlier that you beat cancer with a bat. What a survivor, what a feat to overcome. He's a hero because of that energy and ability to cause an eruption of fun, laughter or sensuality. Who saves the hero, after he saves the world?

And maybe its me but not once did I hear anybody say 'stay up man, you'll be fine. Overcome this you will, take  it a day at a time.' We all know what its like to be down. And when you down, the last thing you want to be is kicked. The judge said he served his time. And if you don't like it, that's fine but move out the mans way and let him shine.  And no I don't condone violence but I do forgive, especially if it wasn't my business to begin with.

Thank you ABC News Youtube channel for disabling the comments to the video.  

Mr. Brown for once and for all, I'm glad you made it through that storm...keep your head up.

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